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It's getting close to 6 years since Round 2 shipped its first AMT, MPC and Polar Lights model kits, first under an exclusive tooling licensing agreement and now with the brands under our own roof. With some good fortune, we've been able to add the iconic Lindberg and Hawk brands to our model kit lines and they are off to a great start!

We're proud to say that the response to the work we've done with these historic brands has been phenomenal. Our momentum continues to grow, resulting in continually expanding product lines - both vintage reissues and all new kits from modern tooling. We hope you can see the result of this growth in the pages of our model kit catalog.

As we head for the future, we are always thinking of ways to expand our product offerings outside the realm of the plastic kits themselves. This allows us to offer modelers a comprehensive range of items that will ultimately improve the model building experience, making it easier and more fun. The folks at AMT, MPC Polar Lights, Lindberg and Hawk thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you more exciting products for your modeling enjoyment. We hope you agree, "the brands are in good hands."

For behind the scenes info, sneak peeks and a chance to share your thoughts, visit our blog at
We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy modeling!

Round 2 Models Catalog

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