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Hello and Welcome to Round2Models.Com!

Posted: February 6, 2009 has been developed to showcase the AMT, MPC and Polar Lights brands, conveniently all under "one roof". It's your one-stop web destination to find out about the latest releases from these iconic model kit lines, along with related news, articles, and the ability to purchase the kits directly, from our online Shopatron store.

This site will bring you information "direct from the source" with only the facts. It's been designed so we can present detailed information about each product, letting you know exactly what you are getting, before you buy. Our "Workbench" area will feature articles on building and detailing our kits, along with concise tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your hobby. Keep your eye on the Home page for breaking news, and soon you'll be able to visit the Articles and Extras areas for even more exclusive content. If you have trouble finding our products in your area, please consult our Distributors List.

If you would like to receive our Email Newsletter, let us know using our Contact page. The Newsletter is FREE and we'll be sending out special offers for subscribers from time to time, so join up now!

We are incredibly excited here at Round 2, to be working on AMT, MPC and Polar Lights model kits. Behind the scenes is a wonderfully skilled and energetic creative team that is totally dedicated to producing the highest quality product possible. We all have the utmost respect for, and a great interest in the history of the brands. Our goal is to uphold their legacy and recreate some of the excitement that surrounded the modeling hobby during its heyday. As most modelers know, much of the AMT and MPC tooling is decades old and that can mean many things, from missing tooling inserts for a particular version of a kit, to details that are inaccurate. Our team aspires to make corrections and improvements where we can, to freshen the products without taking away any of their original flair or character. We're longtime model kit enthusiasts who understand the licenses and subject matter we are working with, and we enjoy being part of the modeling community ourselves!

With the economy what it is, we feel that model building remains a very enjoyable and comparatively inexpensive hobby that stimulates the mind and nurtures creativity, while developing fine skills. We are doing everything we can to ensure our products remain a great value for your total enjoyment and satisfaction. We are hopeful and confident of our plans for 2009 and into the future and appreciate all the support we've received from you already.

On behalf of Round 2, we appreciate your continued support and hope you come back regularly to visit our new site. Tell us what you think. We're listening!


Tom Lowe
President, Round 2 LLC

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